Wednesday | October 10.2007

Foxpro.catalyst is back to it's 'REGULAR SCHEDULE' at this url �

I am also in the process of finding a way to auto-create the old rdf feed from this site to reflect the wordpress-generated feeds from the new site.

MY preliminary experimentation shows that a C/P and upload through FTP approach doesn't work on some rss readers.

I'll find a way.
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Tuesday | October 02.2007

I'm slowly movin' this BLOG to this new url:

And here's the link to the new RSS Feed.
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Saturday | September 29.2007

UGH... Awrk. Still having problems with the rss.

PLs like this is why we stick with the Fox.

Simple... straightforward and fast.

Now I'll go back to tinkering the unknown.
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I'm in the process of upgrading the GM scripts for this blog... and... let's just say it was a good thing that I made a complete backup before doing that upgrade.
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Friday | September 28.2007


Yeah I know... I know.

It's alright. It's alright. This BLOG moves in mysterious ways.
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Tuesday | March 20.2007

Now the bright side.

Yes we are eternally stubborn and optimistic.

0000 The cloud of uncertainty that have loomed over us for the past, what... 12... 15 years or so has evaporated. The announcement is over. We will no longer have those shrek-donkey-are-we-there-yet moments from within us and those surrounding us, which by the way is annoying.

Now we have to focus on what we have, which is enough really. The VFP core alone is a lot. Sedna being free and open source-d is of course, a plus.

0001 There's more time to catch up. I don't have to be bombarded with features that I don't have the time to learn. I can still learn the old new features. Make the most of it. Probably I can even dig up undocumented ones.

Have more intimacy with VFP9.

0010 The VFP team can work on LINQ and other technologies that are being incorporated into VB.NET and C#. Those two languages still have a lot to do in terms of catching up with FoxPro... : )

0011 The whines generated online by that announcement is entertaining. It helps to ease the stress.

(Ah btw... if you're wondering what this list is all about do check the details in the previous post.)

0100 Probably I can really move my arse to dig into that VS2003 I installed on SAKKHRA a year ago. Probably I can -R it (my attitude included) after letting it remain idle for some time. Now if only I can find a practical real world database application for that.

0101 CodePlex CodePlex CodePlex. Sedna Sedna Sedna. Insert the Balmeys somewhere here. (Animations included.)

0110 It sorts out the insecure developers, programmers and freelancers from the real ones.

There was a time when those Real Programmers don't use C jokes were cool. Probably it's about time someone writes a Fox version for that.

0111 It's in our hands already. Sedna... in CodePlex... free and open source-d. With its promised extensibility, we can make a VisualFoxPro.NET 7000 with it, right?

We can even make our own OS with it if we like.

FoxPro-powered flight simulator... anyone..?

1000 VFP still works with SQL Server (MySQL and FireBird included), works with Office and even OpenOffice, runs on Windows XP and Vista, interconnects with .NET, understands XML... and a lot more.

VFP core still provides practical, reliable and cost-efficient solutions to your problems. Especially desktop-based applications.

1001 It gives you a good reason to really learn something new.

1010 Aliens will have a hard time invading us. Codes (Its syntax and semantics) generated from other languages, except for some, are more cryptic than the clarity FoxPro barfs out.

There's more really... but I need to work.

No worries.

You can be sad of course, if you like. Disappointed perhaps... cry and do the rain dance. You can even compose and hum a melancholic tune if you want...

... but life goes on.
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I was offline for almost five days due to a series of client visits.

(Yes... I still don't have an internet connection at home.)

Just minutes when I went online, someone sent me a private message with a link to The News.
Microsoft Puts FoxPro Out to Pasture
Daryl K. Taft / March 13, 2007

Along with that link came her 'whine in the rocks'.

Those who have been following Fox-related matters knew this day would come.

Even the 'stubborn and optimistic' FoxPro programmers like me.

Personally in the past two years, I wasn't bothered much by the 'lack of support' rants... I was bothered seeing VFP team members, leaving and transferring one after the other.

But I always remained optimistic.

Along with my dog... and my pet tiger.


Magnifying the wound was it being announced on the 13th of March.

If MS or YAG announced it on April, May or even February or any other month it wouldn't have bothered me. But March... March 13. Argh.

They should make announcements like that on February 14.

Seriously, it's a sad day... for the people behind FoxPro and its users and developers. No matter how optimistic one is... no matter how we can always console ourselves with that 'it's a mature product we don't need additional features anymore' line.

It is a mature product indeed, but it still won't change the fact that it's sad.

Nor does it change the fact that, sad news like this does not mean it's the end of the world.


So after reading that article and the official announcement in Microsoft's site, I went out to check Andrew's site for a series of related links in his Future of (your) Development Lies in You, Not Microsoft blog post.

Here I am thinking that the future lies in the whining and the ranting and that actual coding is only around 2 percent of the entire software development process... : )

If I can squeeze some time within the month, I will compile a series of posts related to this.


So, since it is still 2:45AM, too early to fire up another Fox-related project in this day's tasks-in-line list of mine, let me post once again the common facts that were posted again and again.

0000 There is no Microsoft Visual FoxPro version 10. It's official. But there's VFP X and there's VFP Y, and who knows a Linux FoxPro 10 might come out somewhere. (Oh did I mention 'facts'? (Hmm... did they mention there will be no Microsoft Visual FoxPro 11 and 12? (Was there ever a Visual FoxPro 4?)))

0001 VFP9 is supported and will exist until 2015. That's 8 more years. Well at least that's what the lifecycle says. I look around and I see applications developed in Clipper 5.2 and FoxPro 2.6. I still see Windows 98SE powered machines and... calculators still exist. Even typewriters.

0010 VFP9 SP2 will be released within 2007. Its target/focus is VISTA compatibility. And the FoxPro team always delivers.

0011 SEDNA Project will be released for FREE... more importantly as an OPEN SOURCE project.
Sedna is built using the extensibility model of VFP9 and provides a number of new features including enhanced connectivity to SQL Server, integration with parts of the .NET framework, support for search using Windows Desktop Search and Windows Vista as well as enhanced access to VFP data from Visual Studio.

So we have a VFP core... connectivity with the SQL Server, .NET framework integration, support for VISTA... extensibility... pancakes, magic potions and all.

0100 The FoxPro community exists... MVP VFP exists... the internet exists... MSDN articles are still archived... e-books exist... the whines will never die. Problems will still exist. Choices exist.

Come on. Do I really have to mention them all?

Bottom line is, we developers exist to solve problems.

Problem solvers... we are.

If problems are solved... become extinct, we can easily recreate them.

In fact, some developers who are in the 'higher places' have 'invented' so many problems already in the guise of 'technologies' that those ought to be enough to occupy us for the next few years.

We even compartmentalize the solutions to these problems. We give solutions that are web based (even if a simple desktop approach is enough). LAN-based solutions, mobile... web and more web.

No matter how the list will go on, there will always be a room for a 20++ year old mature and reliable tool.

Oh wait... this mind barf isn't going the way I intended it to.

I'll re-organize things later... let me just end with this:

If someone, your client probably, or perhaps your boss... will mention that VFP is discontinued/ravaged/pastured or whatever... tell him no. Tell him that in fact you are keeping TheLegacy alive by working on Visual FoxPro 7000 and point them to CodePlex.

Of course you have to move your arse to CodePlex before them.

But you have choices too, you can learn new things, no harm really. Integrate new things and other tools with VFP.

You can also opt to whine and rant, because it makes for good entertainment in between coding.

You can re-learn C/C++ and create a new XBase language with DBF support. You can even use CSharp, or Python or Java or assembly language if you like.

You can change careers too. Becoming an assassin or a spy would probably be more thrilling than proliferating the web with more whines.

And of course you can always continue working on practical solutions and applications using Visual FoxPro.

Your choice, Hal.
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Thursday | March 08.2007

Monday | March 05.2007

Windows Vista... wallpapers... that did 'not make the cut into Vista's Wallpaper Collection'.

Hmmm... let's just call it Hamad Darwish: World of Photography.

Download link... in the lower part of that site... just in case you're having problems with your attention span just like me... : )
WildFire on 06:59 PM CST [ link ]


This is the part where we have an awkward moment with an entity whom we haven't had conversation with for quite some time.


No posts for more than three months to be precise.

Christmas 2006 went by... New Year 2007... Valentine's day and even this blog's third year online and I haven't been able to pushe myself into posting anything here.

I got tagged too. (I'll post a separate scribble for that.)

And, Yes... foxpro.catalyst is three years old... : )

Ah three years of encrypting anti-alien-invasion code maps and schematics in the guise of FoxPro-related materials for covert cybernetically enhanced humanoids in seven areas of this planet.

(The old process was to embed in each image posted an encrypted message which you can extract through its RGB/HSL/dimension values, and decode using a dynamically-modified key stored somewhere in this site. (Again old process so I'm revealing it now.))

Seriously... thanks for all the fish, the visits, the rss grabbin', the linking, and reading.


So where were we for the past few months..?

The easiest answer is to barf out that b--- word, which every human, including (but not limited to), those who discovered porn, use these days.

The world, our world is slowly being filled with humans who tend to be always busy.

(And pretending to be busy.)

(There's that space between Task.001 and Task.002 so we invented blogs.)

So where were we really..?

Let's just say qs and I decided to take this little work-quest that we have started around five years ago to another level.

I will share the specifics, some keypoints, random roadblocks, issues, fruits and some details of this journey.
WildFire on 04:06 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | November 21.2006

Earthling, meet Miss Dewey.
WildFire on 06:29 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | November 14.2006

An old college classmate gave me an offline message containing a dailyWTF link on my newly upgraded YM.

I didn't bother checking.

For one, dailywtf asks for a login password. Something it was not doing before. I have that site on my rssreader... but I haven't been using an rssreader for months now.

(Update: It was asking for a password when I first scribbled this... around two weeks ago. And looks like the post itself was removed. Interesting. OR probably it was asking for a pasword because it has already been removed.)

An RSS reader is an information-overwhelming device I still have to figure out how to use without sacrificing productivity on my part especially these days that I'm only online for around 15 or so hours a week.

Second reason probably is this is another anti-FoxPro link from a classmate with whom I had constant VB versus VFP 'battles' before. (Those Visual FoxPro rules... VB drools types of 'friendly arguments'.)

This is from someone who thinks Visual FoxPro is not object-oriented.

Yeah those types... : ]

VFP of course has been churning out OOP-powered alien repellants years before VB could even pronounce the word 'inheritance'.

But I did promise myself not to bash another PL considering that somewhere in this Earth, a decent and honest programmer I'm sure is working on one, using it to provide a decent life supporting his decent family and probably a dog, while warding off alien invasions during his free time.

(Besides if you want to 'attack' VB itself, you can always point to their own wikipedia entry and quote Edsger Dijkstra's words : )

I'm also pass that attitude where you ask what their PL can do and I'll show you what FoxPro can do using three fingers in one third the amount of time it takes for that other PL to do... development, run time and maintanence related time frames included.

(Throw in cost-effectiveness and it's a no match to the nTH degree.)

Of course I know FoxPro, though a mature product existing for two decades also has some limitations.

So when Mz told me he'll shift modules from FoxPro to Delphi on one of his projects and pointed out the underlying reasons.

I understood his reasons.

He's been using FoxPro for more than ten years. Though I strongly believe that with a proper overhaul and more intricate database structure planning on that project, VFP could have done it even without Delphi's help.

I believe him because he has used FoxPro.

The problem here is there are so many humans who tend to blast Visual FoxPro without having have tried to use it in the first place.

During my immature VFP-versus-VB war days where I would involve myself in various anti-VB wars just for fun, I have already used VB (versions 3 and 5) for 4 years, 'downgraded' to Clipper 5.2/'87 and re-upgraded myself to VFP5 and later to version 6.

Most of those who attack VFP/FoxPro are those who haven't used it.

Try using it for a month or two... you'll see the difference.
WildFire on 07:47 PM CST [ link ]

Friday | October 20.2006

Infinite SUPPLY of TEST Posts.
WildFire on 08:32 PM CST [ link ]

Celebrating 120 Years of Komis From The Philippines.

Just found out now that the current penciller for Spawn is a Filipino.

Some of my favorite artists including Whilce Portacio, Leinil Francis Yu, Jay Anacleto and Francis Manapul were also mentioned in that article.

WildFire on 04:50 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | October 17.2006

I was reading Joss Whedon's interview from a not so old issue of Wizard Magazine during a coding break.

Nice interview from this creator of Buffy.

Though I can't remember finishing an episode of Buffy on TV, his works on Astonishing X-Men caught my attention. Including the thousand others who consider it as one of the best X-Men runs since Claremont/Byrne and Morrison/Quietly.

It also made me go back to reading X-Men books after not reading them for... 12 or more years.

In one part of that interview he mentioned that comic books should not glorify killing and guns. Not killing makes Batman's work even harder. It what makes Batman... Batman.

In fact, not killing The Joker backfired on him and the people close to him so many times.

But I believe Batman's principles are not applicable to the programming world.

Well at least his no-kill policy isn't.

Programmers should be given licenses to kill their users.

Right there.


Ah wait... did I say users?

No, I mean bugs.

Kill bugs right then and there. Kill bugs like there's no tomorrow.

Let them pass... ignore them... just jotting them in your bugtrack file is not enough.

You have to eliminate them on site.

No mercy.

Coders should instead take a page from the book of that character from that awe-inspiring manga Rurouni Kenshin named Saitou.

Had Saitou been living in this era of computers... he would've become a great coder.

He would be the coder where all other coders will be measured.

Drones included.

(Although Rurouni Kenshin is a best selling manga by artist/creator Nobuhiro Watsuki (later adopted as an anime show and commercially released in the US as Samurai X), Saitou by the way is based on a real person.)

Saito's law... for those who are anime-and-manga-impaired is...

'Kill. Evil. Instantly.'

Live by that code, coder.


Now I'm hearing some coders whispering that if we kill all those bugs and make things perfect, the software industry which relies so much on subscriptions/upgrades/versions would not grow.

Not true.


Batman � DC comics. Batman artwork above (and Poison Ivy artwork below) from Detective Comics 823.

Guest artist Joe Benitez pencils. Benitez came from Top Cow and is one of the co-creators of The Magdalena titles. He Illustrated Weapon Zero, some kick-arse Darkness Volume I issues and also the Wraithborn mini under the WildStorm imprint.)

The Joss Whedon interview can be read in Wizard Magazine's March 2006 issue. Issue number 173.
WildFire on 05:48 PM CST [ link ]

I'm having some problems posting. I'm not sure if it's my ISP or the CGIs.
WildFire on 05:18 PM CST [ link ]

Tool-warp: (Consider this a filler since I'm having problems with my keyboard.)
WildFire on 03:39 PM CST [ link ]

You changed and re-installed a new Windows XP OS. Let's say on a new hard disk... slaved your previous primary disk.

Now there are certain folders/directories which for reasons you can't track give you this message:

G:\Folder is not accessble.
Access is denied.

You tried things. Fired up some admin tools. Whine and groan... cast spells and nothing works.

You're pretty sure you haven't set those folders to 'Private' before.

Good thing you haven't deleted your previous OS.

You swapped drives again, booting from the previous error-moody WinXP OS. Now you can access them... copy the files to another partition...

Re-swapped drives again and you still can't access it in its new location.

You now start calling the gods of thunder.

Yeah Thor... no not the Civil War cloned one.

The real one.

Thor suggested you copy the files to another PC through LAN/network.

And it worked.

He even told you to clean up the original folders. Since you can't delete them when you're using the new OS already.

(Cool guy... this Thor. Looks like there are Windows XP machines installed in Asgard these days. Loki, I've heard, prefers CentOS though. (Don't ask me why... : ))

Then you start transferring 8GB files for 30++ minutes or so.

Things solved.

A lot of time wasted though.

I'm sure there's a more efficient and logical way to solve this but I haven't googled that much after solving the problem.

That was a month ago.

Now I'm faced with the same problem again.

I can't call Thor this time. He's into ballet lessons with Namor somewhere in an undisclosed area. From what I've heard Ben Grimm is joining them this week too.

Luckily I discovered a shorter way.

Right click on that inaccessible folder. Click Sharing and Security. Check Share this folder on the network. Check Allow network users to change my files.

Click Apply.

It will display an error message... possibly show that sands of time wait icon but it will make that forbidden folder accessible once more.

This is a sort of short circuit... or whatever you call it. I'm still looking for the real cause and the real documented solutions. If you know one fire me up.

I'm using the admin account and I'm too lazy to test it using another non-admin account, if the 'solution' works.

It works... but think of the security-related issues on the other side of the fence.

Time to end this... my linux zealot friend's here.

Probably he'll invite me to join Thor and Namor one of these days.
WildFire on 03:37 PM CST [ link ]

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