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Point of Reference

To maintain the focus and direction of the site, i need to create this section. At least i can review it from time to time and check if i'm still doing what this site is supposed to be doing. In a way it would prevent me from posting some porn related stuff too and concentrate on FoxPorn... err FoxPro.

Mode of Organization

As i've been into downloading foxpro-related materials and reference from the 'net, my hard drive has become virtually bloated with html/pdf/doc and .zip files. I need something that will organize these things. The Foxpro.catalyst site is an online version of that organized table of contents i have on this PC. Besides it would not hurt my soul if share the places where i've been doing my research. I have been a link dealer even in my pixelcatalyst lair website. And neurons of mine jump in joy everytime i share a link... sort of.


We all know how stressful programming is. Creating sites, tinkering with HTML and digital art have always been a hobby for me. Include online surfing and downloading s... nevermind.

Apply them all sans the digital art, and we have this site.

FoxPro.RP Programmers Unite!

The place i'm dwelling in has been infested with too much VB programmers already. I was hoping, in my humblest way i could somehow educate comsci-related humans to use this powerful and elegant language when they're building and handling databases.

It brings joy to me everytime i see another DBase/Clipper or FP/VFP programmer in this country. Hopefully, i could gather some in one cyber-roof and discuss how many times they have accidentally zapped some critical databases.


There is more to the internet can offer aside from porn. Why are we even discussing porn in this part of the site?


You won't get mad if tell you this is a to be continued part... right?



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