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workBLOGS . Your system...

If you're a programmer/systems developer visiting one of your clients, be sure to program yourself and the tasks you would do there first. Plan. Scribble things on paper. Live up to your work. You can't consider yourself a programmer/developer creating systems and programs for somebody else's company when you yourself are not systematic and organized to begin with. It's like talking peace and having a rocket launcher on your shoulder, a combat knife on your left hand and hand grenades around your chest.

Simulate things. Create folders and dump all the databases and files there. See every possible problem... every possible 'hole'. Test on different OSes. I remember when I was creating the APIs for Project Sophieia, after doing and testing things I was jumping in joy... 'I have conquered API! I have conquered this API!'... only to be dragged down when I found out that such API won't work on Windows 2000. So I researched, tweaked and customized further, lose quite a number of sexy neurons and fats until it worked in all the units of the client's internet laboratory.

I was so delighted that I even offered to present it on the upper management of that client. It was too late when I realize that she's using Windows XP. Boom.

Test and test... and test once more. Acquire old PCs if you can and install different OSes. Dual boot if lResourcesShortage = T. This is one of those reasons why software development comes a little expensive compared to other things.

Be sure though that the product you are developing is worth it... and would stand the test of time and the fierceness of my fire-breathing pet dragon in case it comes within inches of your project.

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