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Swallowed MindCatcher.

Sometimes I would like to think that a human mind... his thoughts... always scream for a larger arena.

Probably that's why we have blogs. Especially for those humans like me, who in person, don't talk that much.

I only talk much to the persons I hold dear... like my qs... : ]

(Outside that limited circle of comfort zone, you have to yell at me ten times before I'll give you a go-away-nod.)

From philosophical matters, to Luis Royo's art, to her rants... to comics, including, but not limited to, Wolverine, the Dark Knight, Spidie and yes, even the boy scout, Supe.

Ah trust me, comics are much, much better than the re-hashed/re-invented same old boring formula that movies barf out. You know those - origins, then meta meets girl, conflicts come in... then no matter how good the plot may be it always end with one big fight.

Spiderman did that. Even Batman Begins, which is definitely a good movie using the same formula. Even Matrix did that. (And these are good ones... we don't even want to discuss those not-so good ones.)

(I haven't watched Superman Returns and X-Men III though.)

Back to the arena... I have so much buffered bloggable thoughts already that I wanted to share. But in between the time they were initialized in the mind (usually around 3AM before I sleep) and the time ther are suppose to be scribbled here in Dreamweaver, my notepad in terms of things like this... they are lost in transition.

Sometimes I do wish that one human would invent a mind capture of some sort that captures the imprints of the mind.

(Not just like the dream-caching machine you saw in that Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within movie. A real, real-time if it has to, catcher.)

So much have been lost already.

Probably extreme poverty could've been solved if a mind capture like that is already in existence. Probably peace on earth will finally reign. Meanings of life discovered. All bugs squashed and we won't find ourselves endlessly entrenched in PL and OS-related arguments.

In between this time, I usually am able to understand the complex being known as women... only to lose every bit of solutions and formulas in the first light of day.

Ah... too many bloggable stuff... so very little time.

Mind-catcher, bub.

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