Monday | February 28.2005

What's up, Fox doc? (Visual Foxpro Newsletter updated and the Visual Foxpro 9.0 MSDN Library as well.)

Quite a number of good news in that letter.

Good luck, Mike. Much respect.
WildFire on 01:35 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | February 24.2005

Just arrived in this office after a client visit from the north.

Quite hot out there.

Just resting in here and reading some feeds... including this: OOP Is Much Better in Theory Than in Practice.

Just when I thought my approach was too old-schoolic and prehistoric... another human warps way way back, eh?

Foxpro btw supports OOP since 1995.... or perhaps earlier than that year.
WildFire on 04:48 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | February 22.2005

Friday | February 18.2005

Depthcore version 5.00 and the release of the next pack was moved until early next week. I've seen some submissions in the pack and unlike the last two packs we released, this one is closer to the depthcore roots.

Something to watch out for.

I don't think I can wrap one up though before the pack releases.

Even Pixelcatalyst.Lair is quite idle these days.

Soon... baby. Soon.
WildFire on 04:51 PM CST [ link ]

OK... some Foxpro-related links for today. Two are memory-related: Memory Handles and VFP: SYS(1104) != FLUSH FORCE != FLUSH (From Calvin Hsia and Alex Feldstein respectively)

Tip: Adding Recalcitrant Project Files To Source Control ( and VFP9 and Opportunistic Locking.

Looks like DevTeach 2005 conference in Montreal is looking for speakers including FoxPro. (Post is a month old... but still... (Update: Looks like they have found already, Craig Berntson mentions it in his blog.))

In Mexico, Executrain and FoxTraining will be together to develop material, teachers and promote training for Microsoft Visual Fox Pro.

Now this is not programming-related but it is interesting nonetheless: A whizz with words. (I'm sure the principles of speed reading can be applied with database-related processes too... (Give me five years to prove this.))
WildFire on 04:22 PM CST [ link ]

Omni-pie. Client decided to move the meeting/presentation to Monday next week so I'm here today in the office... for the Foxpro.catalyst's site birthday.

Hehe... : ]

I have prepared already for tomorrow's client visits since last week so I guess I'll just spend the afternoon catching up with buffered feeds, buffered blogs and bloggable thoughts.

Qs on the other hand is working on her database application which she will also be presenting tomorrow and I can hear her programming-related grumbles from here.

(Conscience to WildFire: "Good... blog about it instead of helping her."

Shut up, conscience. The end justifies the means.

OK... some initial link round-ups: Ah... one of the thousand reasons why I love computers.
A global network of computer users has clocked up more than 4,000 years' worth of computer calculations in under three months as part of a huge grid project.

Nice... computers can solve those amount of problems but humans can't even start solving some of the 'basic problems' that have infested this very world for years now.

Intel's silicon laser breakthrough has been popping out in some of the feeds that I'm getting. What's next... the grizzly patents?

But this is good. I have constantly argued with my alter ego that there should come a time where we give software development-related solutions that do not set their foundations on a framework that was created because hardware-based connections are too slow to catch up with the data being processed.

I know that sounds vague but I'll explain that more soon.

But in a nutshell... it's like Porky Pig telling you add-ons that you can carry with your bike so you can do fish-castration-related stuff and all. Improve the bike... change the bike with a Harley Davidson instead.

Something like that.

Later, compadres.
WildFire on 03:39 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | February 17.2005

Just finished figuring out how I would fit 15 fields inside the detailed band of some report. I am almost tempted to set the report fontsize to 4.2 but then it still didn't solve the problem. I don't think the user would be very happy about it too.

Changing paper sizes is out of the equation.

If only I could apply these grid-related codes:
cColor001 = 'RGB(192, 192, 192)'
cColor002 = 'RGB(0, 0, 0)'
cTEST = 'IIF(USAGE.STATUS == .F., &cColor001, &cColor002)'
.setall('dynamicforecolor', cTEST, 'column')

... inside 'designer-generated' reports. But still... it would only save one field-size space.

I'm sure there's a way but as of the moment I still have to find one.

Anyway... the Foxpro.catalyst site is turning one year old tomorrow. Woot woot!

I have a client visit tomorrow and three client visits this Saturday so I might not be blogging during those days. I'll post some one-year-techblog afterthoughts though early next week.

Thanks everyone.

Twuddles oh.. Twuddles.
WildFire on 04:55 PM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | February 16.2005

I'm having DNS-related problems here in the office. I guess the no-internet-connection-at-home post backfired on me.

You know your 'challenger product' is good when the GIANT is pressured to release a version upgrade of their product after being idle for so long. (... and here's the press release link)


WildFire on 05:43 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | February 15.2005

GoDaddy SuperBowl Ads including the Full 'Web Only' Censorship Hearing.

(Warning: Not meant for the weak and young at heart.)
WildFire on 03:58 PM CST [ link ]

The 'internet' is such a good source of resource and information and an ever seductive vortex of distraction. And sometimes even the resources can pull you away from the things you're supposed to be doing. (Now I'm reminded once again of that near 5-digit unread feeds in my RSSBandit)

This was the reason I decided to cut the home internet connection.

To focus.

But going offline for quite some months is not new to me. Those who knew me even before, know I do this regularly.

It's a sort of test how long my nose hairs would grow and how many imaginary 'pets' would appear if the 'net connection is taken away from me for weeks and sometimes even months.

(Hah. I know a lot of humans who have added the 'net connection to the basic needs of life (It is even added as the fourth need... right after Food, clothing, in between shelter and sex (for some it is even before the clothing need (and yes... sex is a basic need)))).

That loss of internet home connection... add the deadlines that are pounding me and that 'how-come-this-bugs+request-for-feature-never-ends' dilemma plus a couple more factors lead to a lot of 'bloggable events' and stuff that I would so like to share, yet always being pushed down in the waiting queue state of things.

I'll try to catch up before this blog site turns one year old (which is within this week).

One of these buffered things is the acquisition of a Canon PowerShot A95 digital camera before 2004 ended. I've been surfing a lot of sites online and reading for the past few months before the purchase. And since then, this digital camera has been in my bag wherever I go.

Of course the main purpose was for the baby growing up captures. But I can only take shots for so long before my little ones start to give me those mischievous looks, start ramming their heads at me and hurling objects of mass destruction towards in my direction.

So far so good. The camera's 'performance' and the quality of the pictures it barfs out are very good.


The Canon IXUS/Elph is also a good choice but since I have purchased a 128MB CompactFlash card, a card reader and some rechargeable AA batteries weeks prior to the digital camera purchase, the A95 was the better choice for me.

Expect some random shots in this blog from now on.
WildFire on 02:54 PM CST [ link ]

Controlling The Number Of Application Instances (with helpful source codes (four approaches to be precise)). I can probably mod this so I can run a separate Program-002 locally in case Program-001 in a remote application server fails to load.

How about this... a Visual Foxpro 10 WishList. VFP9 has just been released and we have tons of stuff already in that page. Foxpro client base is always demanding, eh?

Look what I've found in my tracker logs just this morning: "carl franklin" "rory blythe" porn 1-20 self destruct kitties 1-20 sql server Exception c00000fd Eat 1-100 exander blood thinner foxporn

There's more but I'll save them some other time.

To wrap things up here's an informative read: Comparing West Wind Web Connection and classic ASP + COM.
WildFire on 02:14 PM CST [ link ]

Monday | February 14.2005

The 14th of February.

Yes... it is 2AM here and it is Valentine's Day.

It's been awhile since I fired up this Foxpro.catalyst html template in Dreamweaver to blog at this hour. During the end of December last year I decided to terminate the internet connection at home so that I could concentrate more on the projects.

(I realized as of late that the internet connection is one factor that keeps me up until three to four AM and wakes me up earlier than the usual time.)

But that is not what this blog is all about.

It's about 'Valentines'.

It's the time of the year where we set .lMushiness.value == .T. in our blogs... well at least for me because I don't remember being mushy since I started blogging on this site.

So if you'd excuse me... at least for one day.

I promise not to exceed the intoxication limit though.

For humans who have their special someone in their lives already, every day is V-Day. You wake up in the morning... glance at your side and smile. You see your angel. You see a lovely person... the reason why you wake up each morning... the essence of your existence.

You see your breath transfigured in a lovely form in a pool of drool and potruding armpit hairs.

As years go by, you tend to ignore it... but still it is there.... not the armpit hair but that inherent essence and presence to thank for... to live for... to breath for.

V-Day is that time of the year to remind you how lucky you are.

Or... if you're one of those who are firing-squad regulars, it is a reminder that you are missing a lot. One way or another you have to remedy that situation.

(Well of course, my friend areman is an exception. He prefers to be in that 'mustang-hood state' until eternity (Ironically, he posts a lot of mush-related stuff in his blogs regularly.)

But simple mathematics would show you that not everyone in this world, by ratio and proportion (disregard fate for now), is bound to have one. And we're not even including those who have two or more in the equation.

Not all can have a special someone. (Real or imaginary ones.)

One of the many reasons why animals exist in this world.

That's what PETS are for.

I've heard of this princess from long long time ago, who was loveless for years that she decided to roam around the lily pond during the second month of the year. She found a frog and... well, you know how that story ends.

(If you don't know about this story you can ask a five year old or you can google things for yourself using these keywords: 'Countess + Ada + Lovelace'.)

So start looking for pets instead of pictures in Friendster or Orkut. (And for heaven's sake it's hard to find love inside porn sites.)

Pets are the ultimate solution.

For starters, I recommend a pet tiger.

In one way or another, tigers do simulate the person you aspire to love.

Kidding aside... happy valentines day to those who have touched my life... my mother (who I considered my first valentine (who taught me art and all (whom I create those kinder/elementary v-cards (even if she's not reading this...)))).

To my father (who taught me logic, math and the push-drive-forward attitude) and my younger sister (who won more math/quiz.bee-related awards than me).

Of course to my little Angel and her 'i-want-to-be-bad-good-is-boring' words (and she's still three years old)... my little Powee who access randomly his crying disc at night... and of course to my loving wife, my qsypie who gives me reason beyond logic and algorithms to dwell and journey in this world...

And I will never forget how she 'freed' and 'rescued' me on Valentines Day a number of years ago.
WildFire on 12:58 PM CST [ link ]

Friday | February 11.2005

The Talented Mr. Mitnick. (Thanks cephei for the link)
WildFire on 03:08 PM CST [ link ]

John Koziol: Exploring VB.Net from a VFP Perspective (Part I).

We'll be looking forward for the next parts.

Also... almost every fox-related blog is linking to the release of this book: What's New in Nine: Visual FoxPro's Latest Hits.
WildFire on 02:30 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | February 10.2005

I am quite late with this, but five days ago RSS Bandit v1.3.x (Wolverine) Beta Installer was made available for download.
WildFire on 03:41 PM CST [ link ]

From, some reference/PDF links for you... Microsoft SmartPhone Programming · Introduction to Networking Technologies · Computers and Microprocessors.

Most of the time it is good to know the basics... and it is always good to read. Period.
WildFire on 03:32 PM CST [ link ]

The Software Conspiracy, a book by Mark Minasi which was first released last 1999 can now be downloaded for free. It is a good resource to reflect on especially for freelance/independent programmers.

(Most of the 'corporate/in-house' ones are too much 'infested' already or are trapped inside an revenues-first-bugs-later situation... (not all though.))

Not all.

Peace, droids.
WildFire on 01:04 PM CST [ link ]

Monday | February 07.2005

.NET ROCKS! sports a new look... well at least new since the last time I checked.
WildFire on 11:16 AM CST [ link ]

Thursday | February 03.2005

Wednesday | February 02.2005

I was working with grids... when out of nowhere one column in the grid was playing hide and seek with the values in the database (or that's what I think it was doing).

Oh... grids... those are easy in VisualFoxpro... [ BEEP ]

Not that simple really... since it is a combo box inside a grid that points to another database which holds the normalized values and field code. In some cases one grid holds 3 or more databases aside from the 'parent' database.

Plus... I don't use Builders and Drag+Drop wizardy approaches. Everything is created 'programmatically'.

I spent an hour or I think more re-structuring some old databases. Adding some fields and tweaking some parts, chanting and doing some rain dance but after all the major changes (major since some databases also affects two other projects/clients aside from the current project), the grid combo box still won't show.

I compared codes with the working grids and the template is almost the same. More tweaked here and there. Nada. It won't work.

... and then I saw this line below the grid-related procedure:
.GridCOMM.column1.forecolor = RGB(255, 255, 255)

It was working from the start. It's just that the human eye is not trained to see a white colored text over a white background.


Before giving solutions, always find the REAL root cause of the problem first. Highlight things if needed and always take a bath before coding.

Odor is a factor you know.
WildFire on 08:21 PM CST [ link ]

The Microsoft Memo From the office of Linus Torvalds. (Thanks Beakman for the link.)
WildFire on 01:51 PM CST [ link ]

Disclaimers are for castrated EARTHLINGS.
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