Tuesday | August 22.2006

RobW: Personality Traits of the Best Software Developers.

... related but unrelated (Go figure)... here's how to spot a liar. (via GeekPress)
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Wednesday | August 16.2006

FireFox Circle. (via skirmisher.org)

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Bill Coupe dissects the droneMatrix term I made up in my previous post.

Well at least I think I made that up (GOOGLE considered) while I was scribbling that blog, unless of course (here we go again), aliens subliminally implanted that term in my mind while I was recharging my psi-defenses.

He follows it up with a why the model is collapsing... discussion.

One of these days I'll sit down and scribble a developing country point of view of these matters.

... along with why freelancers like me opted to choose Visual FoxPro over other tools.

I wanted to delve into the droneMatrix, but I'm still thinking of how to put my sentiments into words without offending some friends of mine, who are possibly reading this, and who happen to be working in the 'corporate world'... as drones... : ]

Funny thing is... you replace atc('alien', cPreviousPost) with 'human' and the result/situation is still the same.

The only difference is... it's more cruel.
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Thursday | August 10.2006

Larry Niven's Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex is a 12 YEAR old article which details the 'facts' why Superman can't have babies.

I remember discussing that with a classmate during high school days. Paging comic-guru Richie Santiago... paging.

Found that link when a certain spoof-related site posted a similar but semi-pornographic version of that article. (No I won't link to that site.)


Guy Kawasaki: The Art of Innovation.

7. Think digital, act analog. Thinking digital means that companies should use all the digital tools at its disposal--computers, web sites, instruments, whatever--to create great products. But companies should act analog--that is, they must remember that the purpose of innovation is not cool products and cool technologies but happy people. Happy people is a decidedly analog goal. (Source)

I remember adding GK's blog when he started blogging in my RSS feeder/reader. I stopped using a feeder a couple of months ago though.

Found the link to his site when Andrew posted a link to the Trademark Tips for Your Web App post.

Really informative and inspiring blog.

Also via Akselsoft, Bill Coupe posted these issues and factors developers outside the 'droneMatrix' are facing.

What's a 'droneMatrix' you ask..?

'It is a world pulled into your eyes to blind you from the truth.'

In other words, in your peaceful corporate world powered cubicles, up a notch by ten positions, located in sublevel 47 below, there exists an alien manipulating your companies, assets, and everything beyond and in between towards an alien invasion.

Ah... here we go again.

'Think book not diary', WildFire. Think books.
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Wednesday | August 09.2006

Tuesday | August 08.2006

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DeviantArt. The new look rocks.

... and thanks for the mention, LEIGH... : )
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Thursday | August 03.2006

So here I am still bummed out because of the events I scribbled earlier, listening to ColdPlay's Pour Me (though it is beginning to sound like Poor Me already)... reading about that Microsoft demo glitch (again..?), about a study that women these days would prefer a new plasma TV over a diamond necklace (sweet!)...

... about news on Israel and Hezbollah, about Rumsfield...

... about The 25 Most Important Questions in the History of the Universe, about wikipedia critiques, blobs, how to write things on water...

... and yes about smart eggs.

Reading... and surfing around instead of getting into the usual protocols that put me into a coding zone.

And then I stumbled upon this Why your school matters in getting a job post from Greg Moreno (via Pinoy TechScene).

I can only count 7 of my neurons working so I'm not sure whether to agree or not. But I do agree on some parts.

And disagree on others.

I've been what... working in the academe's IT department for 8 years. Tortured college CS and IT students for five years, been free lancing, doing database systems, consultations (and even referee-ing admin/personnel-related fights) for 10 more schools and colleges here in Manila after I have transferred from Davao.

I have seen how things work from a student's point of view. In a first person point of view as a teacher/staff/employee... in the diffferent admins' bird-eye-views (with an s), in a different insider's and outsider's points of views... and compared notes with other academe dwelling entities as well.

All I can say is what matters is what the school does to you... to her students.

If she pampers you like a spoiled brat so afraid that their school population would decrease if the idealist teacher decides to flank you... then their graduates would speak for themselves, or not.

If they punish you, torture you... readies you for the real world, develops attitude instead of employing mere lectures and depending on non-existent listening skills... then... they're probably doing something good.

That is if you survive the ordeal.

Bottom line... what matters is how they mold you.

... and how you handled things when you were in their folds.

Did you spend more time complaining..? Playing Ragnie... visiting Friendster instead of doing the 'school stuff.'

Were you able to surpass the trickier part.

That is...

How to fight the existing educational system from preventing you from really, really learning.

The three universities that were mentioned, objectively, have proven to have done their part for the past years. (Well at least 2 of those mentioned. I'm not sure why the other one was even included. Flame gear on.)

That is something their students are gaining from.

Reputations don't just pop out.

They're built. Through years. Not days. Not through commercials. Through extensive processes. Not through luxurious buildings named after recent enrollees with huge 'donations'.

But that doesn't really mean that their students are the only best there is.

One of the most hardcore coders I have met doesn't even come from these schools but I would bet my three month old keyboard that he can kick the collective arses of probably 3 out of 5 graduates from those exclusives.

I'll include my USB thumbdrive if you would allow him to code with two hands.

But then again the only one who was able to survive working with me did graduate from one of those schools. She codes and is even by far better (and has more real coding experience) than some comsci graduates.

Ah... I'm getting scrambled thoughts already. Allow me to re-organize and defrag my mind and I'll go back to this topic later.

Before I'll end let me CP this first.
If you are a smart programmer in college, you will forever be a smart programmer. If you are a lousy programmer in college, you will never become a good programmer. (Source Link )

On that part... I definitely do not agree... : ]
WildFire on 07:45 PM CST [ link ]

MY working mojo's hampered by two consecutive hardware-related problems that are currently resting on my shoulders.

The first deals with a hard disk crash which I have scribbled about somewhere but decided not to post online since I have just recently blogged about a similar crash last April.

I was able to salvage everything last April. This time, of the three partitions that crashed, I was only able to save 2.

LIGHTNING+FLUCtuations = 1 | WildFire = 0.

So after backing up files like crazy for days... leaving the PC to winrar stuff overnight, writing and re-writing everything on DVD-Rs and some spare hard disks and countless re-organizations and sleeping around 4 in the morning (rising around 7AM to check the compression process and sleeping once again), I am beginning to see the light.


That's when another hardware-related work-mojo-crashing event came in.

Now our 1 year and 7 months old Canon A95 digital camera started puking purple stuff in its LCD.

I did my homework for 6 months, deciding what I really need and reading tons of reviews, samples and comparisons online and offline before acquiring this cam.

The feedback then was good. And it is still good even now.

Plus it did perform well. In fact I filled one CD-R in a month with pictures while it took me two years to fill that same quantity with my previous digital cam.

It performed well... very well until it decided to 'hey-Canon-released-a-list- of-camera-models-with-CCD-issues- and-we're-not-included- and-we're-out-of-warranty-s o-let's-just-kick-WildFire's-arse- while-he's-down-and-create-a-problem'.

Canon service center can fix this I know but the charge is just a pain in the pocket. Especially since this one's still that 'young' and hasn't even matured enough to test some gravity-defying stunts.

It never fell.

The anti-GRAV belt my pet tiger made for this was never activated.

It's always taken care of. Always in its Canon case when not in use, inside a secure cabinet guarded by imaginary tech-wasps protecting it from dust and insects and all harmful factors.



To compensate for this... I'll give you a tip. When canvassing things online of the things you want to purchase, don't just google reviews and specs. Be sure to check out the complaints as well.
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Tuesday | August 01.2006

"There is something fundamentally wrong with the war where there are more dead children than armed men." - U.N. Special Coordinator Jan Egeland.

Source: Mideast: Ripples of War.
WildFire on 09:49 PM CST [ link ]

Old old code. I'll post the tweak later and the general overview of why it is used.

It gets the index tags from a given table and stores them inside a combo box.

with thisform
 select &cDATABASE
 nTagCount = tagcount()
 if nTagCount > 0
  dimension aIndex(nTagCount)
  for nCount = 1 to tagcount()
   if !empty(tag(nCount))
    store tag(nCount) to aIndex(nCount)

  .cmbIndex.rowsourcetype = 5
  .cmbIndex.rowsource = 'aIndex'
  .cmbIndex.value = aIndex(1)

Somewhere above this code exists this line:

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Calvin Hsia: How To Display A List of Files in A Grid.
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