Friday | September 30.2005

Sometimes, in order to solve some problems, you, dear friend, have to recreate it first.
WildFire on 03:46 PM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | September 28.2005

VFP9 SP1 (Beta)
WildFire on 04:54 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | September 22.2005

How did rocks from Mars end up here on Earth?

One word: ALIENS.

Probably now is the right time to start digging.

Here are more signs of alien presence: Human brains enjoy ongoing evolution | 2005 Leap Second | Thinking Machine 5 | Camera phones will be high-precision scanners.
WildFire on 02:53 PM CST [ link ]

Tuesday | September 13.2005

Next to Luis Royo artbooks, these titles from Ballistic Publishing are some things I'm drooling over.
WildFire on 04:49 PM CST [ link ]

King Kong Post Production Diary - 14 Weeks To Go (via

Can't wait for the sequel: KING KONG versus Apple's Ipod Nano.
WildFire on 04:35 PM CST [ link ]

Thursday | September 08.2005

Hefty hardware requirements for Windows Vista.

I'll react later. One rant a day is more than enough for me.
WildFire on 03:23 PM CST [ link ]

Just a quick quasi-rant.

Oh creative-and-innovative minds and fingers-pounding-the-keyboard influencing the human world... do place e.BackwardCompatibility beside e.Speed every time you re-design, recreate and develop things.


Ignoring it means two things (two for now... I'll mention the others later). One you're insulting the previous creators/developers/inventors and designers.

Not only that, you're also insulting the user.

Second, which can be connected or not to the first one, is... you've released a product that is not well planned, well organized and is not able anticipate future changes.

In this field of binaries, bits and data, one should design/create applications that are designed to last for decades, if not years. Something that should stand the test of time.

(And time is one cruel alpha/beta/omega/post-release tester.)

Now... I know there are always situations that are exceptions... and humans tend to move if not cross the line. This is where efficient and cumbersome conversion tools must come in.

Now the proponents of profit are shouting out the opposite of what I'm saying here.

Money-infested-and-blinded humans, I will talk to you later... that I will.
WildFire on 02:54 PM CST [ link ]

Wednesday | September 07.2005

Calvin Hsia: Binding to Internet Explorer Instances.
WildFire on 02:59 PM CST [ link ]

Monday | September 05.2005

Microsoft Visual FoxPro September 2005 - Letter from the Editor... is online.

WildFire on 05:21 PM CST [ link ]

What a way to start a week... receiving a link to this article.
WildFire on 02:47 PM CST [ link ]

Friday | September 02.2005

Pixelwarp: DAZ Galleries - September 2005.

And the PIXELWARP feature comes to this side of cyberspace.
WildFire on 07:27 PM CST [ link ]

Here... give your neurons some task to do. Free them from porn infestation.
WildFire on 07:13 PM CST [ link ]

This, I like... so I'm posting the lines again on a separate blog entry:
In Orcas, many of the new and innovative features actually borrow from Microsoft's FoxPro database, sources said.

And the team that has been working on the VB data integration capabilities has been referred to as the "Zorro" team inside Microsoft—in homage to the FoxPro ties, sources said. Zorro is Spanish for fox.
Source: Fox in Microsoft's Tool-Suite Coop.
WildFire on 06:24 PM CST [ link ]

Did I even mention that things will be 'normal' this week..?

But that's just us.

Here are some Fox-related stuff: Fox in Microsoft's Tool-Suite Coop.

This however is quite sad. ('Another leaves the den' entry (I can't seem to connect to DevBlog's archived entry right now))
WildFire on 06:13 PM CST [ link ]

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