Filed Under (work.BLOG) by WildFire on 24-03-2004

I'm not quite satisfied with my output this day. I did finished some things, I even refrained from going online the whole day to focus on what I�m doing� but still I can�t call this day a productive one. Not in my terms. Adding to this problem, I'm even having this 'too-many-things-to-do-so-little-time' syndrome.

So at 12 midnight I'm opening up the trace window of this day to debug where things have gone wrong. In spite of this feeling of being unproductive I have done a couple of things that are good enough to consider that this was not a waste in terms of development production. Probably the real problem is why am I having this annoying feeling of un-productiveness.

The day started out fine... before I took my lunch I was able to finish the IUMS client part and was able to jump into a different project that involves the upgrade of the SASM module to version 2. I was even playing this newly discovered butterfly-effect-blanket game with my little girl for almost an hour in between coding.

Simon and Garfunkel were even kind enough to play in the background while I was into programming. Soulful songs this time that includes Scarborough Fair, Bridge over Tro-oh-oubled Water and Bright Eyes and not the usual Paul Oakenfold SwordFish trance music, ColdPlay chants, angst-inducing-grinds of Nine Inch Nails nor Enigma's slide-into-the-soul type of sound. But I don�t believe the change of music caused this feeling of un-productivity, neither the lack of internet connection. Nor did it help soothe that feeling of discomfort summer heat brings.

Then I think I'm left with nothing else to blame but the heat. Yes it is summer already in this part of the world and the heat is really depressing. It�s more like:

if lHeat > lTolerableLimit
nWork = (nForce * nDistance) / (nTemperature * 10000000)
lSatisfaction = .F.
nWork = (nForce * nDistance)

I think it is indeed the heat.

If only the fuse connected to the air conditioning unit in this room did not had this feeling that he is somehow involve in that Mission Impossible sequel and do that self-destruct move five months ago, I would not be suffering from this plight. And since there is a 'happy tradition' in this home to wait for a year before things are being attempted to be fixed, it means I would be waiting for seven more months before I can taste freon once again. That is if even the attempt is successful.

Three fans... simultaneously running already (make that five if you�d include the two fans inside the CPU)... still there's this feeling of unquenchable thirst from inside. And it doesn't even involve blood.

ARGH. I'm not making any sense anymore.