Fox_people . dale and FoxTray

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 25-03-2004

Foxite's Dale Dedoroy, a fellow Filipino FoxPro programmer pointed to me yesterday that in VF8, one does not need the VB6 DLL anymore (I have discussed FoxTray.ocx ealier last week). And I did overlooked the fact that I haven't copied/'Regsvr32-ed' that VB6 dll when I visited a client last Friday. Goodie... now I can re-activate this FlameVB mode.

Do check Dale's articles at Foxite: An alternative to Kodak image edit scrollbarsThumbnails, anyone? (and Part 2) � Tame the string and Teach the Fox hunt pictures better.

Have you considered opening your own fox/work-related blogs too, Dale?

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