NF . Fire

Filed Under (Random.links, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 27-03-2004

We humans have sent rovers to Mars, invented hypersonic planes, wikis and made jokes out of war.

We have placed a GIANT matter on space to look for hidden worlds and take snapshots of the universe.

We defied gravity, discovered blueberries and water on Mars and claimed responsibility that life on Mars came from Earth.

We invented WinAmp and carved it on our desktop, saw a company that started in a garage become a kingdom and spiced up mobile phones (which I still strongly believe stifled our mental telepathic skills).

We brought to life fantasies that were once confined/but not limited to books, made best use of our idle hands and invented robots that rescue humans (though they have to get this "rescue robot driver�s license" first).

BUT still... we use primitive means to fight fire. In the world of touch screens, fast cars and T1 connections it still takes hours to stop this gift from Prometheus.


Uhrm. Enough of this mumbo-jumbos. There was a fire, a huge one that occured a firewall-away from my 'regular-job' office. It took 27 firetrucks, countless firefighters and four hours to completely eradicate it. I haven't visited that office for two weeks already (I'm on a leave remember?), but I did visit it last night during the fire incident. Good thing the wind and luck favored us. The school was intact but homeless individuals there will be surrounding that place. Sympathies.

Shanara, Compaq and GODofLIGHT were safe though... and the other computers that dwell in that place.