NF . scoble on Foxpro

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 28-03-2004

I was googlin' around looking for other Foxpro bloggers when I found that Scoble did post something about Foxpro almost four months ago. There are a lot of good things one can say about the man behind Scobleizer and the practice/idea of seeing the minds behind the development of a product talk/blog about what they are really doing... but I think that would be a subject of another blog for now.

For now let's just boost a Foxpro programmer's ego with Scoble's words:

Heh, the FoxPro community is debating on whether the next version of FoxPro will be the "last." Dang, this argument has been going on ever since Microsoft bought Fox. That happened shortly after I started at Fawcette, what, a decade ago?

Today FoxPro retains one of the strongest user communities of any Microsoft product. It still has some of the best database technology known to mankind. It was just a decade ahead of the rest, that's all.

Will FoxPro be rewritten for Longhorn? As a Longhorn evangelist, I will work to try to convince FoxPro's execs that the business opportunities opened up by the Longhorn wave will give them enough new sales of FoxPro to make it worth the investment. Will the Longhorn team win that argument? We can't win them all. But clearly we're at one of those inflection points in the industry's history where product teams need to decide whether they will support the new platform or not. In every platform shift, there've been teams who've decided not to make the shift.

Just reading those words is enough to fire me up for today's late-night-to-the-wee-hours-of-the-morning-Foxpro-related work. And the echo will still resonate even longer.