snippet . VFP Port listener

Filed Under (Random.links, Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 29-03-2004

Just as I was wrapping up the client/server features of Project Sopheiai, I found this VFP Port Listener wiki thread. Ah well... I guess I'll stick with my database approach for now since I am 'passing' large amount of data and from what I've heard, ports are being used by binary-loving-K-Paxians and other two bit alien lifeforms as a means of teleportation these days.

I'm still finishing up the iOpenLogic section of that project but to give you an overview, the server part clicks on a certain client list inside a grid which will return the programs running on a 'client computer' and the sites being browsed as well. In other words SERVER is monitoring if clients are browsing porn related materials or just chatting.

On a different note, Amazon and RSS _is_ a sexy combination.