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Bought this discounted September 2011 issue of Heavy Metal magazine.

I recognized the artist before I saw the Imaginary Friends Studios label in the cover.

I stumbled upon ArtGerm's art back in the days ( Those days when I visit the site regularly ).

That was even before IFS involvement in the Lamb animated movie.

I've been a fan of his character Pepper ( see Pepper Project ( and this )) which I think is the one in the cover.

The table of contents of this issue points out to several artist gallery links.  ( Including kunkka another favorite of mine. )

I think Chester Ocampo, an artist we interviewed before in TheLair, still works with IFS.  ( Though I don't see his name involved in the Heavy Metal issue ( I was hoping he was ( especially after seeing his latest awesome witchblade artwork. )))

Nice to see their artworks in this issue. I like to see more 'digitally created/enhanced' artworks inside Heavy Metal.


I've been playing around with several iPhone graphics/photo apps.  Even mentioned some of them before.

But I still can't arrive at a combination that really satisfies me.

Resizing before uploading doesn't help as it destroys the quality of the image.  ( See previous posts. )

So I'm sticking with this combination-manip for now.  ( More later. )

No resizing... but if you're viewing the image not on my website that automatically resizes the width to 550, it looks offensively large at 1280.