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There has been a couple of Guineu updates here and here for the past week. ( via Planet Fox )

Great to see this project moving.  Been following this since I saw the first post years ago.  Prior to this week's update the previous post from that site was last January 2010.

More info regaring Guineu on Christof Wollenhaupt's FoxPert site:

Guineu The FoxPro runtime

Guineu is an alternative runtime library for Microsoft Visual FoxPro® 9.0 that runs on any Microsoft .NET compatible platform. Guineu has to offer something for you, if you

... are a Visual FoxPro® developer

Save your investment in FoxPro code
Make the most of your skills in the future
Extend to new platforms like Microsoft Windows Mobile
Turn your applications into web applications

... migrate to .NET

Call FoxPro code from any .NET language without COM InterOp
Use your existing business logic in .NET web services