THOUGHTS . work and elbows

Filed Under (work.BLOG) by WildFire on 12-04-2004

I usually start the week by scribbling down on a piece of folded newsprint the things I am suppose to finish for the week. This includes pseudocodes and program flows, database structures and such. Things were going smoothly until I discovered the joys of cleaning one's elbows... inside your office.

I cleaned and cleaned and got obsessed with cleaning my elbows. I was even beginning to look at other employees' elbows, comparing which ones are darker or lighter than mine. This went on for three hours until I decided to rearrange the office room by making a tower of hanoi using the CPUs, monitors, keyboards+mouse and the voltage regulators of the three computers in that room.

Now it is already 9:41 in the evening, I'm at home and still looking at my elbows every now and then.