NF . Windows XP

Filed Under (Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 13-04-2004

Because of a certain demand of a certain client-related situation, I decided to install Microsoft Windows XP Professional in one of my office computers that is running WindowsME for almost a year now.

Bad decision.

Good thing I was still able to back things up even if the installation went south which caused the destruction of the LBA and some portions of the FAT probably on my second partition. I chose the scheme that installs the second Windows operating system on my second partition hoping everything will be fine and safe. Despite the failure of the installation after three tries, the primary partition was still pretty much alive until I decided to clean the shrapnels of that failed WindowsXP installation and deleted a file named BOOT.INI. That was the Doom's Day part of today's installation process. I never knew that BOOT.INI was like the Michael Jordan of Windows... when removed, everything else went down with him. Add irreplaceable too.

I tried minor hacks hoping that I could manually patch things up but I guess I'll use the excuse of 'you-must-nuke-your-hard-disk-every-six-months' this time. I should've studied BOOT.INI too since it is 'only a textfile'... but at this point I was looking at the bright side already... that the worst mistake was already behind.

So here i am blogging this while I'm re-installing WindowsME the Nth time around after backing up files, copying and doing other countless things. I need to decide too if I'll trudge that dual boot process once again or if i'll choose the upgrade path this time.

There are really a number of things Microsoft has to do but I guess most of these problems are being addressed already. For example their 60 minute installation (or even more, Microsoft operating systems have a different sense of time I guess) is quite HUGE... so totally HUGE, dude (Imitating FindingNemo's Crash character). Although I've read that Longhorn will do the installation process in 15 minutes, I am hoping they're not saying this because along with Longhorn comes higher specs and demands for hardware that is bundled with your new computer.

One thing that an OS should also have I think is what I'll call as the COREESSENCEofCYBERNETICLIBIDO. In English, if one stupid user accidentally left his brain in the cafeteria (just like I did) decides to delete one file, just one file, the OS should still run and not halt, crash and do other countless things I would refrain from mentioning here. COREESSENCEofCYBERNETICLIBIDO insures that the most important files are stored in a CORE somewhere that in case it detects that it was deleted or if it even senses that an idiot user is near the computer, it prepares those files for automatic installation/re-configuration making the occurence of the problem virtually unnoticeable. One file amiss should not cause the WHOLE system to whimp, whine and cry.

I know it is not easy to create an operating system and products such as Windows, UNIX, Linux and other OSes are a product of years of endeavor considering a lot of things, hardware, barb wires, lawsuits and politics... but i believe that COREESSENCEofCYBERNETICLIBIDO is possible to implement. And while they're at it they should also find a better name. Besides, the name I am calling it already has patents backed up by seven starving lawyers ready to devour anything that comes their way.


At around 6:30PM, I was able to successfully install WindowsXP and the networking-related matters that I need most. It automatically detected the video and the sound but wasn't able to auto-install the drivers for my AVICOM LAN card. Tomorrow I'll install the server packs and Visual Foxpro. I don't have plans of installing other applications for now.