NF . Sunday randomness

Filed Under (Random.links, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 18-04-2004

Sunday once again... marathon bloggin' day. As you can see one of the little problems that I have with this site is I often have ideas which I'm a having a hard time following up.

Sometimes I end up giving hints of what I'll post next but they're left there... just hints. And I do have a lot of things I want to post but until now they're still buffered in the chambers of my mind well protected from porn-related neurons.

For example last week... make that two week ago (see I'm that lagging that far behind), I was reading Rory Blyth's post about wanting to hire U2's The Edge to 'code'. Ah yes I've posted something about giving up being a programmer to become a 'rocker' a couple of months ago but that is not the point here. It is stressing the importance of having 'simple appearances of code' with elegant and efficient approaches over complexity-infused ones which are oftentimes slower. One of the many reasons why I'm using VisualFoxpro over Visual Basic when it comes to database-related development is it's simplicity and the clarity of its syntax and semantics.

Anyway Rory Blythe is one of the funniest bloggers you'll see on the 'net. I've been reading his blogs since that Goodbye Keiko post. He also co-hosts DotNetRocks! together with Carl Franklin.

And of course there's Dave Barry too (and his affinitity towards pi�ata)... on and off the 'net in periodicals and other types of syndication. But if you'd ask me where I first read things from Dave, I would point you to a doddering old Linux-powered machine we had in our former office which has this feature that generates random Dave Barry and Murphy's Law related snips.

The previous three paragraphs alone shows how I easily get lost. One cool thing leads to another. And just as I have organized my thoughts on what I have to blog, an info-flood of related and un-related stuff comes along. This is probably one of the reasons why Scoble separated his blogs related to his personal experiences with another set of posts from the things he receives from his feeds daily. There are tons of cool stuff that can be found in the 'net if one takes more time to read instead of Ragnarokin' and gearing into porn-overdrive.

And those influx of 'cool' articles often leads your reading-to-blogging process astray. You find self reading about guns being prevented from firing if it's not the owner who's handling it but requires embedding chips in the owner' hand... and Signal Discovery... and studies about brains and beauty... and infotech related articles but as you're about to blog about it, you find an article about an ex-porn star and her house, or rather, palace and then you again find yourself thinking... 'probably I am really in the wrong business.' If i'd be blogging about libido-inducing links I'd probably be cruising on a slick HAMBURGER-GHini instead of buying burgers which come with free Mike Wachowski cars in it.

And then you find out about an instruction on how to create a USB turd and view a PC case for hamsters and then you realized once again... oh wait I think am in the right field... forget porn.

And when you talk about porn, you can't help yourself but remember how the 'old internet' looks like, which for heavenly reasons is slowly being brought back these days. Yes... through RSS. No porns... no pop-ups, no worms, ad-less and spyware-less (28 spywares for each computer is the average these days).

And then I'm reminded to post that collection of information about RSS. I kept on 'evangelizing' them to my friends and former classmates but then I'm often faced with that 'What the fuck is RSS?' question. (Yes some of them are that rude [",]) And then you find yourself explaining things for the Nth time and wishing that you have finished that blog about RSS and can just link to that blog and make things easier for yourself.

Ah yes I should finish that 'What the fsck is RSS' section and I should end this very blog as well.