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Filed Under (work.BLOG) by WildFire on 29-04-2004

I decided to create a patch to my 'im-in-a-freon-less-room-and-i-can't-work-well' problem. So armed with two arms and a key I decided to invade the Simulation Room which has an air conditioning unit for almost two months already.

For those who have no idea how hot and uncomfortable it is to work in an air condition-less room in this part of the world in this part of the year I'll give you an overview. It's like being tied arms and feet in the middle of the desert with no water, no clothes accompanied by seven fierce vultures surrounding you, calculating which part of your body would be their appetizer. The calculation of which part of your body would be the main course... buffered in the background tasks in their bald heads.

And you won't even mind them having turns pecking on you for you're concentrated on a certain algorithm you are working on to solve a certain problem. Neurons generate much heat when they're processing things. Add the existing heat of your environment already and the vultures and for sure the desired output is indirectly proportional to the combined heat. Well at least, it depends on which side are you rooting for, the vultures or me.

So what can a poor database programmer like me do?

Beg... rant... coo... woo the upper management. Do some 'pray-overs' for the management's soul. Chant the words 'aircon-aircon' subliminally in their ears when they're around. Pretend to be sick. Trust me I've done them all.

I can't blame them though. A 'tight budget' is hard wall to break through. And considering that I am still alive working on my IT room for a year now sans the aircon, my plead is below the company's priority.

But heaven loves programmers... especially cuddly ones like me. For some heavenly-infused turn of events this Simulator Room is now vacant after a week of summer classes. And now I'm an invader of this room... along with my WinAmp and, of course, VisualFoxpro.

There is really a big difference when you're working inside a comfortable room. It makes you refrain from thinking horrible things and focus more on your database projects in a faster pace. I was able to finish phase one of a five page-tabbed prototype of a new project named Valhalla in four hours.

Let's all recite our creed... 'Freons are friend...'