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Filed Under (Random.scribbles, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 29-04-2004

After visiting a client yesterday and installing some program upgrades and at the same time fixing some corrupted index files, I met my former boss (although I still consider him as my boss up to this day). Since this country is composed of 7000++ islands apart, it took more than a year and five more planned meetings that didn't pushed through before yesterday.

You see... my former officemates in the ComCen department (and even the students of the same school) considers our Boss an influential and motivational person in terms of molding your 512-bit skills, making you a better programmer/IT-individual. Not only skills are developed but visions and philosophies in life, as well.

We discussed a lot of things, from IT-related projects and developments in our country to his 1000 grams of vitamins C. Topics which includes humorous grudges to our previous employers (they're funny now but they were not that funny before) were also the spice of the day. From software development to pricing the project to his clothing problem. Like me when traveling, The Boss also refrains from washing clothes and packs things enough to last. Problem arrives when vacations and travels are extended. I usually 'recycle'... Boss prefers buying new clothes.

There are a lot more insightful things discussed in that short meeting which would take longer than the release of Longhorn if I'll discuss them all here but overall it was very nice meeting him again.

Hopefully he had solved his clothing-related problems by now.