NF . 3D Monitor

Filed Under (Random.links, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 23-05-2004

If this 3D monitor remains true to what the article talks about, then it is about to break barriers and revolutionize a lot of things. A concept before which can only be seen in movies (see Paycheck) is now here... well, at least that's how that news article projects it. I prefer though seeing, touching and smelling it before I'll start doing that tribal-jump-for-happiness dance routine.

But still, once that barrier is breached, expect Room.Improvements(22*17 meters, lLimit=.T.) becomes a Field.Improvements(nInfinite, lLimit = .F.). The technology behind this, like on any other field, will just keep on improving and improving.

And of course patents will still be there to hinder some parts and clog some tunnels of innovation every now and then.