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Filed Under (work.BLOG) by WildFire on 25-05-2004

Not all client visits are 'walk in the parks'. Sometimes it's rough. Sometimes the rough part involves database that goes south and east then goes south once again. Sometimes it involves the politics inside a certain company... like for example, a change in administration and you'll find yourself re-initializing the explanation (and impression/integrity-build-up) from scratch all over again, strict security guards which you cannot blame in the first place since they're just doing their jobs... and a lot more.

But let's not elaborate into that for there are a lot of good things in each client visit to think about the 'not-so-good' ones.

While some may draw inspiration from great programmers/developers like (insert-your-icon-here... mine was Peter Norton when I was still in college), if you'll look everywhere you'll find a lot of good models from 'simple-day-to-day' humans. One of this is this bus vendor I encounter every now and then when I travel to our north-based clients. To give a short overview, these are the people bringing goods (mineral water, hard boiled eggs, newspapers, 'chicharons' etc.) to buses, loads, hollers, advertises, then after five minutes or so unloads and waits for another bus where they can sell their goods.

There's this one vendor who aside from selling helps people when he's in the bus. This afternoon he even left his goods in the bus to rush down to help another passenger load her stuff.

Programmers and software developers who do free lance related works should also be like this. When you're visiting your clients and there are things that could help them whether it's part of your work or not but would make things better, never hesitate to do so. Install free anti-virus applications, firewalls and spyware removal tools. Introduce or other productive applications that could make their company save a lot. Teach them to defrag. I've seen a lot of fragmented and unoptimized units in most of my clients and I'm sure there are a lot of others out there.

You can even teach them how to blog.

In this world where silicon is getting powerful and powerful each day... it won't hurt to show little acts of kindness... just like that bus vendor.