Filed Under (GFX, Random.scribbles, by WildFire on 24-06-2004

So here we are again... online after two weeks of being knocked off the 'net.

Before I'll post the events that occurred during that span of time... let us tackle first things, first.

What in Valhalla's name brought us down?

Actually we're still down. The is still suspended and judging from the way things are going, it would remain that way.


I did type a couple of paragraphs which I deleted considering that I don't like to delve into the gory details. To summarize it one sentence... the friend who's sponsoring my free hosting on that server using a domain I registered on its second year (was free during the first) had problems with his hosting reselling business that he decided to discontinue things.

But no negative chakras here. I'm still thankful for the hosting sponsorship for more than a year. It was a big help indeed.

Besides, I was planning to register a new one early this year to make things more non-person-centric. That's the problem with domains using birth names. There are certain factors that limits the things that I wanted to do. You can now access the Portfolio 2004 using this link:

Time to move on... on a new server with hosting and domain paid using an income generated from our projects. (You see since the first day I posted something online and made the 'online presence', I was relying on freebies... up to this point Pixelcatalyst.Lair is still made possible through the kindness of a fellow artist at DeviantArt, Niko)

I did spent some time and effort behind that old Foxpro.catalyst but as I was saying to some friends last week, I will rebuild things from scratch if I have to. Besides greatness is measured on how you built good things that crumble from splinters again... and again.

That's one thing you should teach a child... standing up every time they fall. Let's just say I was taught well on that department.