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Filed Under (Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 26-06-2004

I spent the free hours of the previous three days reading something which its content would no doubt make it one of the bestselling novels since last year.

Those CIA lines are probably right. 'Nothing is what it seems.'

But this book is more than the CIA. In fact it runs 2000 years back.

While it may have shaken a bit a foundation of what seems to be a century old views and tradition and the conservative minds would go against the things presented in that book, I and countless others don't view it as a threat to something you believed in.

And life is an unending quest for truth... and enlightenment.

Of course I can give you a direct link to what I'm referring here... but the book indirectly states that finders of such quest best keep it a secret. -GRIN-

And no, I won't be giving out blues clues and brown divinity-related codes and spiral puzzles and anagrams. It's up for you to find it on your own.

Ah wait... probably I just did.