NF . web-based Emails

Filed Under (Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 29-06-2004

Just a quick note... if you're reading your emails using web-based applications and someone out of nowhere gives you a link, I suggest you copy and paste those links on a browser instead of directly clicking on that link. That is if you can't resist the temptation of visiting those links.

There are web-based email applications that give away your account when tracked on referrers (or worse if their websites include sinister scripts). In the past two days alone, I have found two samples already. I'm now carefully writing a draft to inform the creators of these web products about this vulnerability and if I won't get lazy later, I probably would send this information to them.

Perhaps I will. Perhaps I won't. You know the world, when vulnerable, is much more exciting place to dwell in, cyberspace as well.

But for now, you can check your web based emails if they are vulnerable to this kind of exploit. You don't want them seeing those porn-related spam mails of yours and that scantily-clad pictures of Diane Krueger embracing and smooching Shrek, right?