THOUGHTS . PolSci and ComSci

Filed Under (Random.links, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 25-07-2004

My wife, qs, is a PolSci major... I on the other hand, well... studied ComSci. Just a two letter difference but what a big difference it makes in the 'real world'. 'Real world' here would mean beyond the boundaries of an academic classroom.

Two letter difference which I often used on jokes against her. Jokes such as if programmers are running this country of ours in its current state, things would be better. That programmers are problem solvers while some politicians I see often sees problems as a way to bring spotlights into them. They convert problems to votes... while programmers find solutions.

Programmers are often focused on solving the problem at hand while politicians have to consider a lot of factors, linkages, resources, influence before dealing on a certain problem.

While of course I'm well aware that not all PolSci majors are involved with the government and politics, but still having the word 'Political' (or Politics-related), the responsibility of government of a country rests on them. They're supposed to be the future.

In a way or another the studies derived from her course, should've been used to improve certain situations... or at least minimized the things that's pulling us down, such as corruption and other magic-related processes existing in the government/politics.

Compared to computer science, political science has been there since... what? Aristotle's time..? Herod's time..? I'm thinking it's way back there even if the term 'political science' was first coined in 1880 by Herbert Baxter Adams, a Johns Hopkins University professor.

Anyway I remember these stuff when I read Jeff Davis' A programmer's society replaces a lawyer's society post from Rick Klau's What if lawyers became programmers? blog.

And here's another take from Corante: Hackers, Lawyers, Society and the INDUCE Act (IICA).

Looks like I'm not the only one having those type of thinking.