IE-Patchin’ time… baby.

Filed Under (Random.links) by WildFire on 31-07-2004

Patchin' time.

Microsoft Security Bulletin MS04-025
Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer (867801)
Read full details here.

Oh please don't give me that 'shift-to-another-browser' solution. I prefer the fix-first-then-shift-after approach... but wait, probably it is the _best_ solution. So here's a hack to remove Internet Explorer from your system (This includes some registry works).

Now of course we can expect Microsoft to 'un-hack' it.

Now here... to satisfy your MP3 cravings: ONE MILLION free and legal music tracks.

From 1975 to well 2005 next year, looks like not much has change... movie piracy-wise.

Speaking of piracy... if ever you consider this piracy-related: Apple vs Real Networks - Round 01 - Round 02 - Round 03. Isn't technology about improving lives not improving the lawyer's standard of living?

It's not about piracy really... but 'hacking' is not the appropriate word either. Can we just restore the old glory days of the word 'hack'?