Filed Under (Random.scribbles, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 06-08-2004

I acquired a new pet today, a three and a half feet fire-breathing orange eyed lizard with fifteen fingers.

For those who have been following this site for quite some time, I'm sure you have heard about my tiger and pterodactyl. Well this lizard is the newest.

... and the most arrogant.

I'm starting to call this one IKIA, a short cut for 'I Know It All'. Ikia claims he knows C++, Java, VB6, VB.NET and SQL. He even understands Clipper and VisualFoxpro as well. He claims his fifteenth finger was meant for the space bar and that he can create a program to generate a 7x7 magic cube in less than five minutes.

Impressive claims if you'd ask me... but until I can find another keyboard for him to use, I won't be allowing his slimy fingers to touch this Logitech keyboard of mine.

Ikia seem to know it all. He started blobbing about certain operating concepts, kernels, threads and other stuff which I believed were discussed when I was in college. Too bad I was busy doodling some non-cs related illustrations then.

Then he proudly stated the words 'I am good because I can solve things fast.'


I have seen this before, good programmers and even good students bragging that this and that are easy.

Well... while programming is indeed about problem solving, it is not just about problem solving. It is about solving problems efficiently.

Not just solving problems efficiently today... or this month or this year, but solving problems retroactively, currently and beyond. Unlike hardware, software, especially database applications are not meant to deteriorate.

Well at least, that's how I see things.