GreatHacker and !GreatHire, Python and ISVs

Filed Under (Random.links, SoftDev (non-VFP)) by WildFire on 14-08-2004

I'll presume you have already read Paul Graham's Great Hackers. I posted a link to that essay days ago.

And 1,618,009 websites linked too that article as well.

Now hear Eric Sink's Great Hacker != Great Hire. It's always good to listen to two (or more) opposing sides on certain things. It helps balance the chi.

Speaking of Eric Sink, there are more SoftwareDevelopment/ISV-related articles on his site. Here's a direct link to his feed in case you want to subscribe.

Going back to Paul Graham, the Great Hackers article has an audio version already which you can stream or download. He posted a recent article, Python Paradox, which again stirs up my interest to delve into that language.

I have already 'httrack'-ed last week.