Old VB6 Application of ours…

Filed Under (work.BLOG) by WildFire on 18-08-2004

I received an e-mail from one of my college classmate who was also my officemate when I was still working in Davao. He told me that the database project we created 6 years ago was still pretty much alive.

Although I was only an assistant programmer in that project and it was Jerry who did most of the job, still... it is nice to know that the project we dubbed as BRAINS (Budget Resource Allocation Information System) is still being used.

It was also the first database application we developed after being freed from the cruel college un-ending digital chains and thorns. You know... the kind of situation that resembles the code below:

Function GrindThemMore(Project)
for i = 1 to nInfinity
SetDeadline(nTime = short, lRidiculous = .T., lMovable = .F.)
SetMind('They will work on the last minute anyway... so...')
AddLoad(tracks(Philo, 16) + tracks(Theo, 16) + tracks(English, 24))
nToxicityLevel(Smell, 7*77)
if lStillBreathing
**' Exit statement removed

BRAINS was developed in VisualBasic.

Yes, I know lambasting VisualBasic is one of my favorite past times but I do have great respect for it when it is properly and intricately woven.

My friend, Jerry Flores knows this language very well.

He breathes VB.

He handles database normalization to the core.

How about we hear a blog from you, Mr. Jerry 'VB Guru' Flores?

Beakman also uses VisualBasic with ADO and SQL very well. The works he's been putting on his Digital Nervous System is quite remarkable.

The Sybex book I'm currently reading holds a lot of VB6 samples too... focusing on SQL Server and ADO programming. Here's the amazon.com link to that book in case you're interested.

Although it was mentioned countless of times already that VB.NET != VB6 and it is not even fully backward compatible, VB.NET addresses most of the issues that were used to criticize the Visual Basic language.

But still, VisualFoxpro is my main artillery; there are just some matters that pushed me to delve more into SQL Server and ADO programming.

Something which I would probably share later.