Miscellaneous Foxpro links and AI

Filed Under (Random.links, Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 21-08-2004

West Wind Internet Protocols 4.55 (wwIPStuff) released. The class library supports the following:

  • SMTP and POP3 Email support
  • HTTP - Access Web content from VFP
  • Advanced HTTP support
  • FTP - Transfer files
  • Low Level Socket Access
  • Dial up Networking
  • IP Address validation
  • Fast C based Conversion Routines

Along with that release, is an insightful article: Why West Wind Html Help Builder is NOT a .NET Application.

I'm days behind linking this... Ken Levy posted the August 2004 Visual Foxpro Newsletter which contains a FAQ that answers some of VisualFoxpro-related issues.

Dan Appleman started his blog. His advice for future computer science majors and RAD is not productivity posts are an early favorite of mine... especially the RAD-related one.

So let’s get real. Bad programmers write bad code. Good programmers write good code. RAD lets bad programmers write bad code faster. RAD does NOT cause good programmers to suddenly start writing bad code.

If you can remember, a couple of months ago he enumerated why he refrains from blogging. How I wish those unmovable-arse humans I convinced to blog would also have a change of mind.

While reading Wesner Moise's blog (.NET Undocumented, one of the first blogs I subscribed to), I found out that KurzweilAI.net now has an RSS feed. I 'HTTrack-ed' that site before when I found some very very interesting AI-related articles.

If you are using the HTML version of that site and can't seem to find the syndication feed link, here's a direct link to the rss feeds.

More and more programmers who are using VisualFoxpro are coming out in the blogosphere. Here are two links that I have discovered just recently: Craig Bailey and Andrew Coates (not entirely VFP but he mentions VFP once in awhile).

I wonder if it is just me still getting used to waking up around 4AM (I usually sleep around 3AM) or my FireFox browser, that makes the OZ 2004 Speaker section scramble the names and the pictures. It works fine on the IE6 browser though.

Visual Foxpro on GotDotNet.

Here are some alternative programming fonts. Nice... thanks Vernon Labayog for that link.