Filed Under (Random.scribbles, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 28-08-2004

I spent most of the day talking and working with a telecom technician who works for a company that provides spanking fast DSL internet connection.

That is if 'spanking fast' is defined as the urge to apply a quick blow in the arse to the person next to you every time you get annoyed with the speed. But seriously it is faster than my 56K dial-up internet connection at home.

I even had the chance to ride on their service mobile and talk about life with him, talk about food, the sea and raising children. He accompanied me to a computer hardware retailer, gave me a discount after the owner allowed us to test the component first before even paying for it.

Sometimes we often hear the word 'sucks' being added to something. Company-001 sucks. TechBlahBlah sucks.

The world sucks.

Most often we add this word because we're dissatisfied... or probably because seeing the negative side is inherent to our human traits.

And we do this without even considering the reasons behind such thing.

This technician (I won't name names nor I would name the company since I don't like saying negative stuff to a Philippine-based company even if it is already owned by a foreign entity), works with his partner (yup just the two of them) servicing 100++ (or even greater) clients covering an area which is nTechnicians(raised to the power of 32(square miles)).

The company holds N number of employees nationwide five years ago, now they're down to N/4 and N here is a five digit number having a val(substr(alltrim(str(N)), 2, 1)) > 6. They're even planning to trim down even more.

Indeed... it is a sucky world out there.

But there's nothing we could do to improve things by re-stating the obvious.

One must unload(TheSuckinessState).


There are tons of ways really.

But none of them includes including the word 'sucks' in anything that disappoints a first person's pathetic self centered soul.