Not Just Usability…

Filed Under (Random.links) by WildFire on 07-09-2004

Here are some infotech-related warps before I'll proceed to my late night programming related tasks.

GMane. Nope it's not related with GMail but the idea is as slick as well... or even better. Info-overload level... stratosphere.

Joel Spolsky: It's Not Just Usability. Indeed... one needs charm too. Software applications are not exempted to charm pre-requisites you know.

OSS torpedoed: Royal Navy will run on Windows for Warships. Giving a new dimension to the object known as the 'Blue Screen of Death'... or is it 'Scream'? Well... who cares there's not much difference really.

Planet Mozilla and Internet Explorer blogs. What else can you ask for? Those are direct links to their feeds by the way.

Still don't have an RSS Aggregator? Time to download RSSBandit which recently upgraded to v1.2.0.117.

What else do you want? How about blogs from John Cormack (the brains behind IDSoftware and Doom) and Quentin Tarantino?

It's a fake Quentin blog though. But who cares? Even Tarantino's publicist was impressed.