Programmer’s Day

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Today is the 256th day of the year... Programmer's Day for leap years.

Programmer's Day is a whimsical "holiday" on the 256th day of the year celebrated mostly by computer programmers. The reason for this is that 256 is equal to 2 to the power of 8, which is equal to the number of values that it is possible to represent in a byte of data. Traditions include drinking, acting silly, coding silly programs, mini computer games, playing with old computers, etc.

Programmer's Day usually falls on September 13th; on leap years, it is September 12th, due to the addition of February 29th into the calendar.


Ten years ago... it was also on this date that Netscape Navigator was released.

Steve Gillmore: Allchin's last stand? Looks like these articles derived from Longhorn's component split up will never end, eh?

VFUG September 2004 Newsletter is out.