Nifty screensavers

Filed Under (GFX, Random.links) by WildFire on 19-09-2004

For almost three years I've been using's Aquarium ScreenSaver. Needless to say, it is one of the best screensavers.

Yesterday, I found this Machine Code Screensaver from Improbable Software (through surfing It has the same 'geekie-Matrix-ie' feel but I like it better than the other Matrix-look-alike screensavers.

You can customize the pictures the screensaver shows in hex. All you need is to convert it to BMP format. The software recommends grey scaled 256-color bitmaps (8 bit), but you can actually use higher resolutions as long as it is greyscaled.

I also tried using colored bitmaps. The screensaver still displays the image but the quality is better when it is dark and grey.

Also from the same site, you'll find some fractal-powered screensaver. If you're into Fractals, they have this Optimal Mandelbrot Screensaver which elegantly depicts the fusion of art and mathematics.

But well of course the effects are enhanced by computers, the fusion of mathematics and machines.