Foxpro links and being ‘normal’

Filed Under (Random.scribbles, Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 11-10-2004

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Beakman and I once in a while talk on Y!IM about programming concepts, nationalis-tech principles, alien abductions, VB versus VFP stuff, old school programming versus programming approaches of the future, changing RP through techblogs, computer science education and a lot more.

Tonight we were discussing about programming moods. Particularly about me not being 'in the zone'.

You know those type of days where you can't pull your arse to code. The not-in-the-mood-to-code moments. And I was asking Beakman how he handles these kinds of situations.

Of course being the athletic person that he is, he recommended jogging, playing basketball... even badminton... getting some rest and gym (ewrk!)

Yes he is more disciplined than I am.

The talk was enlightening until he scribbled out these words:

'Try to act as a normal person.'

Damn. That must have been the best advice I had in months.

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