Filed Under (Random.scribbles, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 13-10-2004

1:10AM code-break.

I'm leaving the IDE window for awhile to ransack the fridge... recharge the mind with some coke-in-cans and some [classified infood-mation]. (Har har!)

During the client visit this morning, it was qs who ran the show. She installed the updates of five different ILS modules, while the database-fox-jedi was there beside her enjoying two palaboks, two pepsi cola in cans and one Fudgee Barr.

She finished the second chapter of QUE's Using Visual Foxpro book last Saturday. Did the installation this morning and in the afternoon scribbled out the database structures/normalization and blue prints for the FDDF project (a new client/database project of ours).

Yes... qs 'major'-ed PolSci, but code-mentoring someone who is included in the top three of the ACET n years ago (where n < 10) is... honestly both hard and easy. She's quite stubborn sometimes (Replace(This.Line, 'sometimes', 'most of the time')) and claims she was on a different line when God was giving out the lPatience(.T.) and lOrganized(.T) values. Yeah. That hard... and we're still scraping the 'easier and wholesome parts'. But then again, I believe for one to really learn how to 'code', comsci-related skills are secondary to what I'd call 'comsci discipline'. Feel free to fire up your blogs and agree/disagree with that belief of mine.