Filed Under (Visual FoxPro) by WildFire on 13-10-2004

Proof-12091.0297644588 that the Fox is still very much alive.

That's CrimeStar. I would refrain from mentioning that 'The Military' is also using Visual Foxpro until I can find the article link here in this vault archive of mine.

A number of high profile companies that use VisualFoxpro are listed here. (DOD was mentioned)

And here's a longer list from inside Fox.wikis.

Here in the Philippines I know a handful of respected companies/institutions that are using VisualFoxpro.

Quite sad though that the academe seldom include this legendary and elegant+fast+data-centric PL in their curriculum.

Even our National Bookstore don't have Foxpro books in their shelves.

Still... no worries, dude.