Featured TBs and Defense Torture Processes

Filed Under (Random.links, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 14-10-2004

In the local scene, Filipino [tech]bloggers are being featured here, here and here.

Last week I also stumbled on one cs-related academe blog. In her 'Blogs I Read' section you'll find some links to cs students blogging too. I guess indirectly, some calls are answered.

(CS stands for ComSci not CounterStrike nor CyberSex, Bit-wit)

She's blogging about project presentations and defenses currently. I'm beginning to miss those teaching days of mine even more... and the food too.

Areman (who just transferred his blogs to blogspot (who I worked with before I transferred here in Manila (who happens to be a classmate of mine also when I was still in college))) also posted some defense-related blogs on his site.

This is one of the many things I like about Areman, his angst which is reflected in his 'valiant' use of the f-word.

But don't let the f-words cloud you. That is an intelligent mind... you don't graduate cum laude in AdDU for nothing. (And this was six years ago, when education in our country was not that 'commercialized' yet.)

Back to defenses and presentations, one of my favorite 'torturing processes' before was making Student-01 delete five blocks of code for Student-02 to fix while I'm asking Student-03 some project-related questions. All of these things are done in front of the class.

I've also done that process every time I was invited as a panel in other schools.

It never fails to amuse me.

Some of us are just born sadists you know.