GOOGLE’s perpetual love for something BETA

Filed Under (Random.links) by WildFire on 17-10-2004

If by 'Browser Wars' you think only of Netscape versus Internet Explorer before... think again. Of course these days it's more of IE versus FireFox.

Unless of course... Google is cooking up something.

Speaking of Google... by now I presume you've heard of Google Desktop. Sriram Krishnan posted a review of this new search tool from Google.

Quite obviously... we don't need an overhaul of the file system to come up with something nifty and useful as this, eh?

You want more Google Desktop reviews?

Here's more.

Let's just hope Google will overcome its perpetual love for a beta state. (Google News is in Beta, GMail is in Beta... and now the Google Desktop Search is also in Beta).

Not that I'm complaining. There's a reason too for that 'perpetual, lawyer-induced' beta state for Google News.

The Daily WTF: 'Curious Perversions in Information Technology'.

Windows XP Home and Professional Service Pack 2 Services 411 (via Rubik's Redemption). I was about to complain about the black background when I saw the White or Black option.

One more thing... MSNBC now offers RSS Feeds.

OK.... back to the FoxIDE and out of the cyberspace, WildFire.