Orgasms and votes

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VOTERGASM: "Our goal is to have 100,000 young voters catalyse 250,000 orgasms by November 3."

Humans are weird.

If ever a certain programmer/mathematician (aka real problem solver) is brave enough to enter politics, he or she will have my 512-bit support.

That is if logic does not prevent him from diving in.

Let me post the title again: Sex pledges to boost US vote turnout.

Come on... what's the problem here?

Possible low voting turnout. (or 'turn on' if you prefer seeing it that way).

Is that the real problem? If it is... then why?

Because of lack of sex?


Let me re-phrase that:

   If ConvertToLogical(nAmountofSex) == lRare
NUMTOSTREQ(nVoterTurnout) = 'Low'

That line of code sounds very illogical to me.

Why can't humans identify the 'real' problem, find the 'real' root/cause of the 'real' problem and give 'real' solutions?

But then again... what if... considering that human beings, being the epitome of irony, have always preferred the approach that defies logic... realize that:

   IsNOTAlways(REALSolutions == EffectiveSolutions) == .T.

Then we'll be having more goals and solutions similar to the first line above.