Filed Under (LEGO, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 25-10-2004


I wasn't able to resist the force... the mask of light... the Rahkshi... whatever.

In case you're wondering what that nasty-object-that-seem-to-have-spawned-out-of-Giger's-imagination is, it's a Lego Bionicle The Mask of Light: Vorahk 'toy'.

If I'm not mistaken, this model was released May of last year. I did find some species of this kind a year ago but I was still in that can't-justify-the-purchase mode. By the time I was convinced I should buy one... the shop where I found it closed already.

Last Saturday, while looking for a trick or treat basket for Angel's Halloween party, I was lucky to find some of these acquiring dust in one of the Gift Gate stores here in SM.

I've been doing some things with this since then which qs has promised me not to blog about.

I used to play LEGO when I was a boy. It has always been a great source of inspiration and fun. Now I'm hoping that something like this on my desktop could help pump up the coding and creativity neurons. (Of course that's a good excuse... I just want to play with it in between coding)

My two little kids seemed to have developed an affinity for this too. Little Angel even watches the .mov clips (in a mini-CD) that comes with the canister... and I have to practice a little negotiating skills everytime they hostage this Vorahk.

Anyway, here's a good Rahkshi Vorahk Review at BZPower Community.

Some parts of us just refuse to grow old... and if you'd ask me, I think it's good.

It feels good.