NiteAngel’s Empower Splash Artwork

Filed Under (GFX) by WildFire on 29-10-2004

I should've posted about this last week, but somehow I kept on forgetting things.

What you're seeing in the left is the current splash cover of Pixelcatalyst.Lair V6.10, created by Vincent Lai (aka NiteAngel), a friend and a co-Depthcore member.

You can view NiteAngel's artwork in his official site: and inside his DeviantArt account.

The larger version of this artwork, entitled Empower can be downloaded in this link.

(It looks a thousand times better when full viewed.)

Sometime last year, when I was more active on the PixelCatalyst.Lair project, we were able to interview and feature NiteAngel. Here's the link to that interview.

I did promised myself to devote some time every weekend on that pet site of mine which will turn four years old this November (Yes FOUR YEARS, baby! (Actually six years if you would include the pre-pixelcatalyst.lair mother-sites that gave birth to it))... but somehow database-related stuff has its own way of seducing my time away from GFX.

The least I could do for now is post some GFX-related blogs.

Which reminds me... I know FireFox in a number of ways outperforms IE6. pars with MS Office... but I still have to see a product from the OpenSource world that could battle commercial graphics application such as Adobe Photoshop, Corel's products, 3DSMax, AutoCAD, Lightwave, Maya and the list goes on...

... or am I missing something?

(But please don't mention GIMP here... Photoshop (even if you slice the current version by two) is still light years ahead of GIMP.)