CPUs and depressions

Filed Under (Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 20-11-2004

Since late high school days when I was starting that 'Journey Inwards' thing, I have 'partially' mastered how to convert anger into something productive.

Anger is not often the enemy. In fact, it can be used as a tool for productivity.

That is of course if you know how to channel things into something productive without letting anger cloud your judgment... without it conquering your vision, without allowing a hint of revenge pairing up side by side with your goals.

This I cannot say the same when depression and frustration barges in. It really brings me down.

Like viruses, trojan-powered processes and lately spy+ad:wares... that brings down to their knees a 2.4GHz powered processors.

Even without the virus... run several applications and your computer slows down. That part I know you know already.

Even my little girl knows that fact... though I'm not sure if she understands it.

(I tend to explain computer-related facts to my three year old (including how to count in binary numbers), hoping that subliminally it will 'come back' later at the right time... when needed.)

More processes... threads... slow down how the CPU can process requests.

But what if... just what if... someone in the future could architect a processor that speeds up its processing speed when you add more threads to process.

Think about it... the more applications you run, the more 'powerful' it becomes using a mechanism that somehow can use the processing usage as a fuel to finish/process more tasks.

I'd like to give examples that involve fire or friction but somehow this mind of mine, as of the moment, is always being detoured to indecent thoughts.

So I'll stop for now before this post turns out into something erotic.