Heavy Metal Fall 2004 Issue Goes 3D

Filed Under (GFX) by WildFire on 25-11-2004

Heavy Metal Fall 2004 If, by any chance, artworks depicting the beauty showed by the curves of the female species offend you... I suggest you go to this link for now and come back again later.

Now having said that, allow me to continue.

Heavy Metal Magazine goes 3D in its Fall 2004 issue.

I haven't followed thoroughly Heavy Metal through the years but I do have some issues in my collection especially those with cover art created by Luis Royo.

This is the first time I have seen a story in that mag illustrated entirely in three dimension. Although there's still room for improvement especially in the action sequences (Hint: Do it the Marvel way), overall the artwork quality is great.

Though, followers of this magazine know that 3D or 2D or traditional, the illustrations inside it are awe-inspiring.

(Plus you have to charge up your IQ level when reading some of the weird stories).

This is not the first time though I saw a magazine/book that holds pure 3D inside its comic boxes. The first one was Machine Phase.

... and pretty I'm sure there's more to come.