Codin’ for 80 Hours a week…

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Can People Really Program 80+ Hours a Week..?

Slashdot already has tons of insightful, funny and drug-infused comments so I won't delve into the logic, statistics, effects and mechanics of working 80+ hours a week.

Hmm... 80 hours a week is 80/7, that would be 11.42857 hours a day if we include the day of rest (Sunday). It would be 13.33333 if it's 80/6 though.

To be exact my TimeCalcAdvanced algorithm shows it's 11:25:43 hours in 7 days and 13:20:00 hours in 6 days.

Let's assume that half of the programmer population has a life and half doesn't, so let's average these two results. With that we'll get an average of 12:22:52 hours.

12:22:52 hours in a day in program mode.

Which makes me think if we should include the time when the programmer is 'programming' himself waiting for the mood to swing in? For the chi to re-align or something..?

Should we also include the times when he/she is pretending to be doing programs?

OK... enough of this already.

When I saw this feed on my RSSBandit last night, I wanted to go into a quest... to try if I could code for 12-13 hours for 7 days. I even started doing it from 12:01AM to 2AM but after three simultaneous calls from clients this afternoon, each separated by 2 hour bus rides, which are scheduled for next week, I don't think I could complete that quest.

Besides as I am writing this part of the blog (I multitask, browse and watch Shrek 2 on DVD) it is 11:49PM already and I've done only 8.5 hours coding for this day.

I have this Excel file where I scribble down the accomplishments of the day... per hour, starting April of this year so I have some 'stats'. Also from the same file I found out that it's either I code straight for the day and am too tired to code at night... or bum around all day and work at night until the wee hours of the morning to make up for it.

The most I've done is 11 hours in five days last June but that was only good for 5 out of 30 days in that month.

I cannot remember too clearly if I have done that much lengthy coding during my previous work.

But then again... like anything in this world, it's the quality that counts... and not the quantity.

Even my pterodactyl pet knows that.

... and breathes that principle.