Calvin Hsia

Filed Under (GFX, Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 11-12-2004

Calvin Hsia is on a roll. First he posted the Intellisense: inspecting live objects information a couple of days ago. I refrained from linking to it then since almost every Foxpro-related blog I have on my RSSBandit points to it already.

Today, he discusses Using non-Automation compatible types and Creating mailing labels automatically.

Why do we always link to Calvin Hsia you ask?

Well aside from his being the Visual Foxpro lead developer, his blogs are very helpful and informative.

(Insert your adjective here) programmers/developers always look beyond on how to just merely use a thing. We are also interested on why things are done that way.

Looking back to my high school algebra teacher... it's more of a 'how was the formula derived?' and not only how to use the formula.

So why the link again..?

If the lead developer of the programming language of your choice shows passion towards his work, reflects that passion through sharing, sharing snippets, sharing informative stuff, sharing the VisualFoxpro experience... you tell me and I'd be glad to link to him/her.

It's not only Calvin Hsia who shares these things though... the whole VS Data Team has a blog which includes Ken Levy, YAG and John Koziol from the VFP team.

... ah one of those reasons we prefer VisualFoxpro.

It's a Saturday, and I'm turning off my coding mode for a while. I'll turn on the GFX mode and finish up the SeventhSense 2004 Project before the 2004 part of the title becomes obsolete.