The Ultimate Power and Speed of VFP

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 18-12-2004

A couple of days ago I posted some semi-disorganized thoughts about the 2GB-limit on Visual Foxpro databases/tables.

While reading this post about VFP9 on Channe9, I found a link to this article:

The Ultimate Power and Speed of VFP
Handling Extremely Large Data Sets
By Val Matison

It is a very informative read. A must read.

It also discusses areas such as speed (where Foxpro really shines), data compression, data access, maintenance, backup and restore procedures, data integrity, data corruption, security, power and speed and a lot more.

Months ago I was ranting about's lack of dates on their archived articles. Now I know why it lacks them.

Information about VisualFoxpro is ageless, backward compatible and beyond.