Filed Under (Random.scribbles, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 11-01-2005

It is almost two weeks already since 2005 got initialized but somehow I still can't get over the holiday-be-a-bum-hang-over that has clouded me for weeks.

(Which feels good really...)

The vacation from work was fun... and qs already summarized one of its 'highlights' in her blog.

I still can't get myself into the coding zone. The programming mood still refuses to swing in. Probably, having to create a user guide as one the first things to do this year also contributes to that lack of spark.

Probably not...

Anyway... better buffered than purged, belated happy new initialized year, everyone.

May we accumulate enough productive results, stuff and whatever and even dangling references before nThisYear becomes nThisYear = nThisYear + 1.