Aliens and Pyramids and Security Update Crashes

Filed Under (alien.invasion, Random.scribbles) by WildFire on 13-01-2005

A couple of days ago I watched Alien versus Predator on DVD.

Yes I've heard about the bad write-ups last year.

But being a fan of the great H. R. Giger and the original alien movies, I have always been fascinated with his characters (Think of the original Alien Alien2 Aliens Species Species 2) and the tons of Giger Art you can view at HR Giger Galleries.

If you're looking for that James Cameron/Ridley Scott alien-type of movie, you'll be disappointed with this one. But then again, anything alien-related with humans being devoured here and there fascinates me.

Also seeing the cyborg Bishop of Aliens, become AVP's Charles Weyland somehow disturbs me.

Still... my stand on negative movie reviews holds true even this year and for that 1++ hour away from the keyboard, it is partially entertaining.

This, however, is not the point of this blog.

It's just that for the Nth time I've seen that 'eureka-eureka-pyramids-were-made-by-aliens' in this movie. You've read that idea before in books and even previous sci-fi movies (StarGate and Fifth Element are an example).

Yesterday I was talking to Mr. Blec. (That's not his real name but he prefers to be called that way.)

He claims he was from the past and from the future who accidentally slid into this room while I was re-installing the Compaq-Server computer after that recent critical security update from Microsoft crashed my file/application server.

(Annoying... not Mr. Blec but the crash but I've been wanting to nuke my computers at the start of the year to start with a clean organized slate (blessing in disguise perhaps (but that would be another story for now))).

Anyway back to Mr. Blec, from one topic to another we somehow arrived to that 'alien created pyramids' notion which made him smirk and said he's tired of hearing that stuff already.

He believes it is an insult to him and the whole of humanity as well.

He said he was an engineer (although it wasn't called that way) in the past. He was one of the major brains behind the pyramids. He worked for three Aztec years perfecting the design back when patents were non-existent and fellow inventors respected each other instead of re-inventing the wheel. Patent lawyers and the whole law-tazmanian clan were also non-existent.)

He said these pyramids stand the test of time because back then inventors/engineers were never after the 'rewards'. Unlike these days where equipments seem to last a day after their warranties expire.

In fact he claims it was humans who taught aliens fire and technology.

How come these aliens are far more advanced..?

Because most of them don't create destructive-related technologies/inventions/products and mix lust, greed, love, fame and all carelessly.

'They don't destroy life, create fictional stories and scapegoats to bombard countries and label it as 'liberation'.

There's more really but I'll just scribble that 'another story for now' line here for I still have to finish up some codes.

Oh... where's Mr. Blec you ask?

He's still 'stranded' in this era... repairing some gizmos and playing with my pet pterodactyl.

He'll share more stories... for sure.