workLOGS . 24 dreaded foxpro questions

Filed Under (Visual FoxPro, work.BLOG) by WildFire on 28-02-2004

I was reviewing The 24 Dreaded Questions for Visual Foxpro once again this morning and i realized that even if i am using Visual Foxpro for five years now and Clipper 5.2/'87 for three years before that, there are still a number of questions i cannot answer. Of course, i could experiment right now and have answers to these things but i'd rather leave them as it is until i'll stumble upon them while using Visual Foxpro. Besides, the quest for learning is best done when the virtue of rushing things is eradicated from one's system.

If there's one question in that article which will be left unanswered for a long time, that would be the one that deals on VFP DEBUGGER. I have used debuggers for old Turbo Pascal and C/C++ programs, Clipper's CLD.exe and even Visual Basic 3.0's debugger during college days... but i have yet to use the one VFP has.

No... it's not the nightmares they cause at night that make me refrain from using it... nor the superstitious belief that debuggers are discontinued alien technologies for drilling holes in human brains, but rather, it was this former officemate of ours who would make of fun of us when he sees us using Clipper's CLD debugger. We have much respect for this linux-lovin' person that it is still fine for us even if he stands in our side taunting us as we pound those keys, solving pressured problems for clients behind the cashier waiting for us to recompile our programs so that they can check things which can be done the next day.